confronti 2022 - Less and less globalized? New supply dynamics

Institute for Economic Research

Date: 24.11.2022 / 13:00 - 18:30

Sala polivalente Campus Est, Viganello

The pandemic marked a break in production, consumption and growth processes worldwide. The recovery that followed, after an initial success, was weakened by several, often interconnected, problems. The energy crisis caused by the surge in demand has been exacerbated by war and climatic events, which affected food security and further slowed supply chains, already strained by Covid-19. Price shocks - particularly in energy, food, commodities and raw materials - triggered the rise in inflation, obscuring prospects for growth and recovery. The forms of employment are also changing, due to both a renewed search for work-life balance and a partial mismatch between skills and supply. The current year, but especially the next, therefore seem to be on the cusp of opportunities for recovery and risks of new and old crises. The impulse towards the future could then be counterbalanced by a return to the past, with a globalization that seems to be changing skin, presenting itself more and more in "blocks”.