Research at IRE covers various fields of regional and urban economics, and implies observation and empirical analysis on regional development and growth, competitiveness, labor market and migration, transport, mobility, tourism, public finances and energy market. Applied research for the Canton Ticino in the framework of a service contract is bundled in the Tourism Observatory, Observatory for Economic Dynamics and Observatory for Public Finance and Energy.

The main research themes are:

  • Economics of competitiveness in a regional and urban context;
  • Labor market economics with a focus on the determinants of wage differentials and cross border labor markets;
  • Economics of leisure and tourism with a focus on tourism behavior;
  • Urban economics with a focus on urban attractiveness and residential choice;
  • International and regional economics with a focus on modeling issues of growth and trade in selected industries;
  • Economics of transport and mobility, with specializations in freight transport, transport infrastructure, and urban and leisure mobility;
  • State and evolution of public finances and energy market in Canton Ticino.

All research is based on quantitative methods.