IRE Workshops on applied economics

Goal of the workshops

To foster the exchange and critical reflection of ideas within and outside academia, the Institute for Economic Research (IRE) intends to organize workshops engaging researchers as well as firms and institutions.

During each seminar, researchers and practitioners will discuss developed or ongoing research.

Workshops are intended, firstly, to share knowledge from contributions to the current scientific debate, and secondly, to promote communication among practitioners and academics at a critical stage of their research on a shared topic.

Each event should include a mix of participants who ideally represent various social science research fields. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research as well as the involvement of colleagues of other institutes are welcomed.

Hub used and timeline

Workshops run in person or via Zoom.

Workshops take place usually on a monthly base, from October to May.

People to be involved

Researchers and practitioners from academia, institutions and firms.

Ideally, each seminar will include the lecturer and a discussant; the idea is to widen the audience as much as possible.

Workshops general outline

Each seminar is organized in two slots:

  • Presentation of the paper/research (30 minutes)
  • Floor discussion (30 minutes)


You can find Workshops IRE updated program on our observatories' website at the following links: