Expo 2017 - Defining an energy policy – A game for thinking

Il Gioco dell’Energia / The Energy Game
Il Gioco dell’Energia / The Energy Game
Il Consigliere Maudet partecipa al Gioco dell’Energia
Il Consigliere Maurer partecipa al Gioco dell’Energia
The entrance to the Swiss Pavilion at EXPO 2017 Astana – Future Energy
Il Consigliere Federale Ueli Maurer e la sua delegazione discutono insieme ai ricercatori dell’Istituto di ricerche economiche (USI) l’impatto ecologico ed economico del mix di fonti di energia scelte nel Gioco
Some participants of the Energy Game
Guiding participants in the Energy Game
Some participants of the Energy Game
Alessandra Motz, PhD Candidate at the Institute for Economic Research, discusses the Energy Game with a group of energy experts from Kazakhstan 21 / 24

On July 10th to 12th the Institute for Economic Research (IRE) set up its Energy Game at the Swiss pavilion at EXPO 2017 Astana - Future Energy.

The Energy Game challenges the participants by letting them think at how energy production affects our lives and the environment, but also at how our beliefs shape our decisions and opinions on this topic.

Almost 600 visitors participated in the Game during the three days. Prof. Rico Maggi and PhD student Alessandra Motz also had the pleasure of welcoming in the Game the Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer and the Genevan State Councilor Pierre Maudet with their delegations, and briefly discussing with them topics which are crucial to the future of Switzerland.

Espandi tutti

Espandi tutti

Espandi tutti

Food for thought

On average, both votes witness a strong sensitivity toward environmental issues, and a strong interest in new renewable energy sources, which are perceived as underexploited in Kazakhstan. Although ready to bear an increase in generation costs in order to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the participants were however ready to reconsider their initial preferences, and accept a different mix yielding a small cost reduction.

Thank you!

The IRE would like to thank all the EXPO visitors who participated in the Energy Game, as well as the Swissnex Astana and Swiss pavilion staff, who provided excellent organization and support.