confronti 2015 economia

A year with a strong currency – Ticino quo vadis?
The titles on IRE’s PanelCODE newsletter ( mentioned below reflect the reaction of Ticino’s entrepreneurs to the abandonment of the fixed exchange rate as of January this year, passing from unresponsiveness, to shock, to pessimism, to cautious optimism:

February: "The positive trend in the number of jobs created continues."
March: "National GDP growth of 2% in 2014 confirmed, but the currency shock will produce a sharp slowdown in 2015."
May: "In the second quarter of 2015, the creation of new jobs in Ticino will slow down."
June: "Less vigorous growth expected nationwide, but the more negative scenarios can be excluded."
August: "Surprising creation of new jobs in Ticino: the employment increased by 1.6% in the second quarter of 2015 and unemployment reached record lows."

Based on this progression, confronti-economia 2015 will propose a detailed analysis of the current conditions of Ticino economy, opening to a discussion with researchers and professionals operating in the different production realities of our region.

The program will include a first part dedicated to presentations by IRE researchers, regarding world economic trends and the challenges and the opportunities that this conditions generate for Ticino economy. The event will continue with a panel discussion made up of institutional and economic operators.


08h00 - 08h30 Reception
08h30 - 08h45 Welcome and introduction
Rico Maggi, IRE Director
08h45 - 09h05 Trends and forecast of the Ticino economy
Davide Arioldi, Observatory of Economic Policy, IRE, USI
09h05 - 09h25 Labor market trends
Moreno Baruffini, Observatory of Labor Market, IRE, USI
09h25 - 09h45 The phenomenon of relocation
Federica Rossi, Observatory of Economic Policy, IRE, USI
09h45 - 10h00 Questions and answers
10h00 - 10h30 Coffee break
10h30 - 11h00 Strong Swiss franc, global trends, Switzerland and Ticino
Giovanni Barone-Adesi, IFin, USI
11h00 - 12h30

Round Table: Ticino quo vadis?
With the participation of representatives from institutions and associations of Ticino economy.
Christian Vitta, Minister and Director of the Department of Economic Affairs and Finance; Giovanni Barone-Adesi, IFin-Università della Svizzera italiana; Claudio Generali, ABT President; Stefano Modenini, AITI Director; Enzo Lucibello, DISTI President.

Moderated by Alfonso Tuor, journalist and editor, expert of economy issues

12h30 - 12h45 Closing remarks
Rico Maggi, IRE Director
12h45  Buffet

Reference documents


Andamento e previsioni dell'economia ticinese - Davide Arioldi, Ricercatore Osservatorio delle Politiche economiche, IRE, USI

Tendenze nel mercato del lavoro - Moreno Baruffini, Responsabile Osservatorio del Mercato del lavoro, IRE, USI

Il fenomeno delle delocalizzazioni - Federica Rossi, Responsabile Osservatorio delle Politiche economiche, IRE, USI

Franco forte, trend mondiali, la Svizzera e il Ticino - Giovanni Barone-Adesi, IFin, USI

Review of the press

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"Annus horribilis?" Non per il Ticino - Corrado Bianchi Porro, Giornale del Popolo, 27 novembre 2015

Franco forte, un anno dopo - Generoso Chiaradonna, laRegione, 27 novembre 2015

Cambio Franco-Euro - Christian Romelli, Il Quotidiano, RSI, 26 novembre 2015