Master in International Tourism (USI)

O-tur mantiene una relazione simbiotica con il Master in International Tourism (MT) che fa parte dei corsi di studio della Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) da 2003. L’obbiettivo del Master in International Tourism (MT) è fornire agli studenti gli strumenti validi ad una più approfondita comprensione del fenomeno turistico.

Il corso di Master in International Tourism presso l'Università della Svizzera italiana.

Tesi di master

Le seguenti tesi sono consultabili al seguente link: https://it.bul.sbu.usi.ch/search/theses?search%5Btitle%5D=&search%5Bauthor%5D=&search%5Bsupervisor%5D=&search%5Bacademic_year%5D=&search%5Bfaculty%5D=1&search%5Blearning_offer%5D=23

Shimizu, K. Mapping the online presence of Switzerland, and in particular Ticino, on the Japanese tourism market. Master dissertation, December 2020

Zanetta, M. A new travel culture? The origins of female solo travel in Switzerland in life and works of Isabelle Eberhardt, Ella Maillart and Anne-Marie. Master dissertation, March 2020

Tommasina, L. Wine Tourism in the Swiss region of Ticino: a diversification opportunity for local wineries? Master dissertation, November 2019

Thalmann, A. Coopetition in destination networks: a case study of Lugano, Switzerland. Master dissertation, October 2019

Hinterberger, F. Sustainable transportation to a nature-based tourism attraction: a case study in Switzerland. Master dissertation, October 2019

Behshad, Y. Marketing across culture and tourism: the case of via Nassa. Master dissertation, March 2019

Papagni, A. Evaluating the effectiveness of the on-board concierge service, a tourist information service by Ticino Turismo. Master dissertation, March 2019

Wu, R. Linking importance-performance analysis and shopping satisfaction: a study among Chinese tourists in Via Nassa. Master dissertation, November 2018

De Vantery, S. Opportunities and threats of developing technology-based tourism products on cultural sites. The case of the archaeological site of Tremona. Master dissertation, October 2018

Germanova, M. Sustainable tourism development in alpine areas: a case study of the valley of Blenio (Switzerland). Master dissertation, September 2018

Regazzoni, N. Evaluating eLearning courses on tourism destinations: The case of the Switzerland Travel Academy. Master dissertation, July 2018

Novella Baronio, M. Determinants of tourism expenditure in Ticino. Master dissertation, October 2017

Agnoli, B. Social networks and UNESCO: A qualitative analysis of the Facebook presence of Italian and Ticino World Heritage Sites. Master dissertation, September 2017

Evler, J. Sustainable tourism development of outdoor recreation sites – The case of Vallemaggia and Valle Verzasca in Switzerland, Master dissertation, September 2017

Russi, L. The economic value of the Piansecco alpine area during the summer / autumn season. Master dissertation, September 2017

Garbani Nerini, E. Switzerland Travel Academy: from design to evaluation of the eLearning platform. Master dissertation, July 2017

Georgieva, S. What is the role of air charter brokers in the private and business aviation industry? Case study on Air-Dynamic SA, Master dissertation, March 2017

Lomazzi, V. ICTs within HRM. From technology-enabled guest experience to technology-enabled staff experience within the hospitality domain: The case of Hoxell, Master dissertation, March 2017

Sironi, M. Weather-related online information for tourism: The case of Meteo Swiss and weather-related service providers, Master dissertation, February 2017

Lechner, L. Dynamics of Facebook interactions between Destination Marketing Organizations and their online followers, Master dissertation, January 2017

Cantoni, E. Teenagers' perception of Canton Ticino through the official destination website: An eye tracking investigation. October 2016

Gusso, M. Tourism and sharing economy: The accommodation sector in the era of peer-to-peer vacation rentals. October 2016  

Miotto, A. Urban Squares: tourists, residents and behavioural patterns. An analysis of three squares of Lugano. Master dissertation, April 2016

Zora, D. Branding theories and practicies. The case study of the brand identity Ticino. Master dissertation, March 2015

Aldi, F. Exploring the relevant factors influencing usability of the online booking process on individual hotel websites applying eye-tracking method. The case of three four-star hotels in the city of Lugano (Switzerland), Master dissertation, February 2015

Casagrande, A. Chinese tourism shopping: a comparison between Milan and Lugano, Master dissertation, February 2015

Codiroli, T. Topics and frequencies of discussion and satisfaction ratings of luxury hotel areas. A text analysis and natural language processing of Lugano 5 star hotel online travel reviews, Master dissertation, February 2015

Flepp, F. The touristic future on and along the ‘Gotthard Bergstrecke’, Master dissertation, December 2014

Kössler, Z. Estimating the economic value of snow sports activities in Val Bedretto, Master dissertation, December 2014

Althaus, K. Academic congress participation: do cultural differences matter? A gravitational analysis of three Annual Congresses of the International Institute of Public Finance (IIPF), Master dissertation, September 2014

Bazhko, D. Could bicycle sharing systems be a tourist attraction?, Master dissertation, July 2013

Beretta, P. Staying Connected While You’re On The Move: Expectations and Use of Wi-Fi on Public Transportation and in Transport Hubs, Master dissertation, October 2013

Schieder, T. K. Mobile Applications for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Analyzing the state-of-the-art, designing and assessing the usability of an application for two World Heritage Sites in the canton of Ticino (Switzerland), Master dissertation, October 2013

Giordani, L. A. Regional airports in Switzerland – Same country, equivalent opportunities? An analysis with a focus on Lugano Agno AirportMaster dissertation, September 2013

Rhein, S. Social Media Marketing - Its future trends and opportunities for the destinations Ascona, Locarno, Lugano and Ticino, Master dissertation, July 2012

Salamin, F. Integration of second homeowners: an alternative solution to the second home problem in Brione sopra Minusio, Master dissertation, October 2011

Violi, L. Mobile Application Usability: The case of the tourist mobile guide iTicino, Master dissertation, October 2011

Zuffi, C. Destination Governance: the case study of a tourism destination in Ticino, Master dissertation, October 2011

Tretyakevich, N. Business travel and leisure tourism: leisure-related motivations of conference attendees, Master dissertation, September 2010