Conferences and seminars

  • Baruffini M. (2016) The Annual Meeting and European Day of the EN RLMM - 18-19 August 2016 in Rovaniemi, Lapland (Finland)
  • The 11 th Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM:  Digital (R)evolution and Its Effects on Labour: Opportunities and Challenges for Regional and Local Labour Market Monitoring  (18 August 2016 in Rovaniemi, Lapland) (Download programme)
  • The 6 th European Day of the EN RLMM:  The Consequences of Digitalisation for Forecasting and Foresight  (19 August 2016 in Rovaniemi, Lapland) (Download programme)
  • Malfitano P. (2016), “Inter-generational links in self-emplyment: the Swiss case”, RSA Early PhD student Conference, Newcastle, UK.
  • Mantegazzi D., Mini, V., Maggi R. (2015), “Solving the ecological fallacy problem in the analysis of agglomeration economies: the comparison of two spatial multilevel approaches”, ERSA Annual Conference, Lisbon.
  • Rossi F., Mini, V., Maggi R. (2015), “Business travel decisions and high-speed train: an ordered logit approach”, RSA Annual Conference, Piacenza.
  • Airaldi A. (2013), “Firms location choice and their learning process: an agent-based model approach”, ERSA Annual Conference, Palermo.
  • Mini V., Tretyakevich N., Maggi R. (2013), “They come with new information. Business travel and knowledge spillover: the case of Ticino”, IATE, Ljubljana.
  • Airaldi A. (2012), “Exploring the (un)conscious decision process of firm location through an agent-based model approach”, ERSA Annual Conference, Bratislavia.
  • Mini V. (2012), “Economic competitiveness and agglomeration in space: a multilevel analysis of firms’ productivity”, Regional Studies Conference, Beijing (China).
  • Mini V., Maggi R. (2012), “Business travel as an element of industrial agglomeration externalities? The case of the Fashion Valley (Ticino)”, AIEST Conference, Khon Kaen (Thailand).
  • Mazzucchi E., Mini V. (2011), “Exploring the link between industrial agglomeration and business travel: a case study of the Fashion Valley in Ticino”, 51st European Congress of the Regional Science Association International, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Mini V. (2010), “Can we measure Local Competitiveness?”, RSA Annual International Conference, Pecs (Hungary).
  • Mini V., Guerra G., Alberton A. (2010), “The grey zones of the competitive approach”, Regiosuisse, Marché de la Recherche 2010, Lucerne.
  • Mini V. (2010), “Can we really measure Local Competitiveness? Identification, Implementation and Implications”, European Network on Industrial Policy (EUNIP) International Conference, Tarragona (Spain).