Panel of companies


O-De analyzes the economic performance of the cantonal economy collecting monthly primary data provided by a representative sample of companies through the PanelCODE platform.

In particular, PanelCODE monthly investigation provides some important business variables, such as business trends, production level, amount of orders, employment and technical competencies. For each of these dimensions PanelCODE detects the current state and a three months outlook.

Through the analysis of these indicators, PanelCODE approximates the cyclical economic performance, before the publication of official data by the federal statistical office.

The main thematic areas on which PanelCODE focuses its attention are:

  • the economic trend of Ticino's production structure;
  • the economic survey of cantonal human capital situation;
  • a forecast of cantonal economy;
  • a forecast of changes in the cantonal labor market.

Finally, PanelCODE analysis allows to interact with the local businesses, proposing a service characterized by specificity and reciprocity.

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