Labour market


The European labour markets are facing a context of deep change. Beside the economic slowdown, which has a large impact on labour market outcomes, the long-term challenges such as facing the globalisation or demographic imbalances, threaten the sustainability of labour markets. To address this situation, governments at various levels can effectively influence the functioning of the labour market, by applying Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs). Indeed, these are often used to manage problems of structural unemployment, through a wide-ranging approach, focusing on the supply or demand for labour or fostering economic growth.

The nature of these measures suggests that the ALMPs, aimed at the local level, may be a useful complement to the regional development strategy; thus, the inclusion of ALMPs in a traditional approach to regional development is an opportunity to promote a strong and effective local growth. This discussion brings out two new challenges, both in terms of flexibility of labour markets and the safety of workers, with the need to quickly update the skills of the workforce. Therefore, in order to identify efficient and effective criteria for labour market policies, is essential to know in detail the regional labor market, its degree of dynamism and security and, finally, the demographic trends.

O-De also mantains different technical tools for the Cantonal Tripartite Commission on the free movement of persons:

Previsione del tasso di disoccupazione (ita)

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Wage thresholds estimator model

O-De maintains and updates the model that estimates wage thresholds in sectors where it was introduced a minimum reference wage. This activity consist in updating the model using the last available data and checking the parameters used.

Wage dumping estimator model

The current model was developed by IRE in collaboration with the USML and is currently being used by the USML to verify the existence of wage dumping in a particular economic sector. Any changes must be approved by the Tripartite Commission on the free movement of persons. The IRE is responsible for maintaining and updating the model.

Regional labour market policies

O-De, starting with a review of existing practices at the international level, identifies criteria for regional policies evaluation to improve the knowledge of the regional labor market.